Jesus and Moms: The People Who Show Us How to Serve Others

There is only so much room on the frontlines. Never grow weary in being the supply lines.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and I have a new appreciation for what the day means. I have always loved my mother and grandmothers. They are strong women who show me unconditional love. Yet, it wasn’t until I watched my wife become a mother that I understood the self-sacrifice of the title.

I’ve watched my wife…

-get up earlier than she wants so that she can be ready for the day when the twins hit the ground running.

-eat cold suppers because she was busy making sure the twins got theirs.

-spend all day teaching and playing, just to clean the house when they take a nap.

-fall asleep on the couch out of sheer exhaustion while the twins battle for    her lap before bed. (My lap often sits empty because I’m not mom, even though I constantly request some cuddles!)

-manage to make sure I am doing okay and feel supported and loved.

Oh, there’s more but you get the picture. None of those things I listed will make the evening news. The tasks of a mother don’t get awards and can easily go unnoticed. A mother never grows weary in being the supply line to her children, as they take the frontlines of their dreams.

Mothers set the tone for what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We are to become servants in this world, willing to give ourselves for others the way Christ gave himself for us.

Sometimes we are called to the frontlines of a conflict or cause. We must listen to the Holy Spirit for that moment. And when we are there, we will realize how vital the supply lines really are.

This system of support is why God has called us into community, the Church. Often the church is meant to be a supply line to those who are on the frontlines of a battle or situation they can’t ignore. Are we okay being the supply lines? It isn’t going to make a Facebook post, but it is the work of Christ.

This has been a tragic and sad week at College Community School District in Cedar Rapids. Three young boys were killed in a car accident, leaving families in ruins and an entire district in mourning and disbelief. We can’t survive without God’s grace and comfort leading those on the frontlines and the supply lines.

The school counselors and those who have come from Grant Wood AEA, along with teachers and administrators are on the frontlines. They are checking on young people each day, listening to their stories, and holding hands as students cry. We are all grateful for their work.

Friends, do not grow weary in being the supply lines. Pastor Mike Jones walked into my office and asked if the counselors needed lunch on Tuesday. We were able to send food. Supply lines.

Many have been praying for energy, grace, hope, and comfort for the teachers and counselors. Supply lines.

There has been money raised to support the families of the boys who have passed away. Supply lines.

And so much more.

If we push our way to the frontlines, we don’t allow those God has placed there to do their jobs. Your time on the frontlines is coming and you will need to be rested for that moment.

In the meantime, let us never grow weary in being the supply lines. Moms do it every day and they change the world.

We all learn how to support others from Jesus who gave himself for us, as we live with the hope of eternity on the frontlines of what we face today.

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