Places and Memories

I’ve never been very attached to places. I prefer people. But sometimes places and people are tied together.

I walked into my grandma’s house this weekend and was a little blindsided by the memories. You see, it’s hard for me to call it grandma’s because it’s always been grandma and grandpa’s house. This was the first time I’d been there since grandpa died.

I walked right in like always and looked at his chair as if he’d be sitting there. It was empty. It felt weird and I immediately went to my memory bank for comfort.

-The times as kids when we colored his face and arms in markers. He was kind.

-The way he’d shake his head in amazement at my latest story. He thought I was    always on a new adventure.

-The time he gave my brother and me the birds and the bees talk in a way only grandpa could.

-And homemade ice cream.

The house brought back memories. It was the place that made me miss him. You see, places and people are often tied together and that’s okay.

But let’s remember that places aren’t what we hold on to. Places are part of this world where we encounter people and the Holy Spirit. Places have a purpose.

Problems arise when we forget something’s purpose. We hang on to possessions because we think they define us. Wrong purpose. We over-indulge in food because more is always better. Wrong purpose. My kids use their crayons on the wall. Wrong purpose.

The purpose of a place is to create memories and discover the Spirit at work. Places hold memories and that’s a good purpose.

This Sunday is Ascension Sunday. We will celebrate that Jesus ascended from this earth to heaven and will return to make things right. This earth, all the beauty we see, has a purpose. It’s where we wait for Jesus. And while we wait we can remember his death and resurrection and share that story and love with the world.

People and places are tied together. I’m glad our Lord came to this earth so we can link the beauty we see with Jesus. What a purpose for this place!

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