Jesus is the Key Ingredient to Summer

Key ingredients make all the difference.

Yesterday I almost threw away some extra flowers we didn’t use to decorate our front steps. They looked dead; shriveled and droopy. Instead, I added some water as a last ditch effort. This morning they were beautiful.

Water, sunlight, and some attention made all the difference. Key ingredients.

Our two-year old twins both have moments when they seem to be focused on doing everything wrong. Jaren will dump his water on the floor, flip over the back of the couch, and then manage to summit the kitchen counter American Ninja Warrior style. Is he being a brat? Maybe, but there’s more to it.

If I’m honest with myself, he’s missing key ingredients. He needs some attention; to read a book, toss the ball, play chase…and probably take a nap. If he gets the things that make him feel loved, he’s an entirely different little boy. My daughter is the same way. Key ingredients

Maddie and I both admit that our marriage is stronger when particular key ingredients are added. She needs me to help with chores and she feels loved. I need to be told thank you and I feel loved. We are honest about those things with each other and it helps the love we have for one another grow.

Key ingredients make all the difference when life isn’t going as we think it needs to go and relationships are strained.

This summer, don’t stray from the ingredients that keep you in love with God.

  • Worship is vital. We need that time in our Christian community to praise, pray, and be encouraged.
  • Keep reading scripture. Summer has distractions, but when fall comes we don’t want to have limped through the summer spiritually malnourished.
  • Pray. Summer has a different rhythm than the others seasons. Be sure that conversation with our God is a part of your summer rhythm and doesn’t take a summer break.

The key ingredients in this life can’t be purchased and can’t be earned. It begins with letting the love of Christ into our daily lives. Then we can be ready to let the Holy Spirit help us provide the key ingredients in the lives of others.

Jesus is the key ingredient. Without him we wither. With him we thrive.

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